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US Footy News has a long history, just not so much of a recent one. Back in 2007 two Carlton fans got talking about footy here in the USA and about the USAFL website and how it was virtually void of regular club news. Even the latest scores were rarely published on the USAFL website. So Chris Adams from DC Eagles and the leader of the juniors development in DC called Saturday Morning Footy and Wayne Kraska a website developer from Atlanta and the then USAFL Freedom Women's Team Head Coach, got to work.

Over the following few years US Footy News developed a great following reaching 2000 - 3000 page views per month. Along with World Footy News back in Australia spreading international footy news, the website shared stories about local people in footy clubs here in the States, kept tally of the leading goal-kickers in the USAFL and awarded a trophy for the winner at Nationals, had a ladder showing where all teams were ranked (not an easy task even today) and also provided live scores on the website at the USAFL National Championships, something that still isn't available these days. Seems everyone just wants live video streaming. ;)

In 2010 the USAFL increased their online presence and started to provide a more organized website and media presence, so US Footy News might have served its purpose, though that wasn't maybe the direct intent. Along with the increasing mini phenomena called Social Media, haha, there appeared less need for the website and it went into hibernation around the middle of 2012 or just after. Since then the USAFL had improved their coverage of the sport in the USA until a few years back, when then the focus seemed to switch to just Social Media posts and sharing of other peoples posts. Hardly any news was published on their website, or it was mostly about the National Championships or the Social Media posts were 70% slanted to Australian footy news and not the USA teams themselves.

So we feel there is again plenty more areas to cover, so we came back in 2019. This time Chris Adams stayed in retirement concentrating on his great Saturday Morning Footy program. But Wayne Kraska is here though, writing in between running two footy clubs in Atlanta and Rome, Georgia, and trying to find others to maybe help spread more news and information about the people and stories that make USA Aussie Rules footy unique. In the seven years since the US Footy News website was last online the growth of the USAFL has been amazing, especially in women's footy development.

So we hope you enjoy something that is told on this site. You may not always agree with it, and that is ok, it may not always have all the info, but hopefully we are publishing what the USAFL is missing and it helps the 45 or so member clubs further develop. So giving the sport here in the USA the prominence it deserves and not the already established AFL sporting community in Australia.

We do ask however if you need more news about footy, join us and become a contributor. One article a week, a month or every other month, it will all make a difference to the sport we all enjoy. If you are a club leader and what to let us know about an important development or milestone at your club, write to us about it,... ahead of time works best!


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